Paola Seductive Red Hair, Flawless Rubenesque Beauty 163 cm/64,17″ SEX DOLL

The sexdoll where big man have been waiting for and small men are dreaming of!!

We are proud to offer our new sexdoll.
Here is PAOLA

The sexdoll where the true easy rider has long been looking forward to
has Arrived!!!

Imagine having some hot sex with that attractive, Red Haired Rubenesque female staying there and sitting tight for you. If you think she is exorbitantly serious for you or you don’t have the guts to ask her out, indeed than you can only satisfy your sex dreams with Paola in your fantasy. Yes, she is a young, very realistic, full body sized sex doll and has some immaculate female features. But she loves to have you!! Close to her pretty face and very sensual proportional body, Paola is having the sexiest butt and hips from all sexdolls you ever can buy. Her firm bouncing butt, great tight tits and a beautiful little waistline qualify her to be a favorite model for the great painter RUBENS.

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