We have been trying to create a collection of the best available Dolls for the best prices.
Today, in the time of artificial material is the choice not that hard anymore. Dolls that are made from silicone or TPE offer the buyer a great value for money.
You can expext that all dolls made from this material have:

  • relative long life also in frequent use.
  • dolls can be used not only by light weights, also heavyweights should benefit from such a housemate.
  • Flexibility is very important. Optimal enjoyment can only be obtained when you are able to bring your sex doll in the right position in which you like to have sex.

Therefore, in our opinion Inflatable dolls doesn’t belong here.

But what is Silicone or TPE?

What are the differences between silicone and TPE?

What feels the most realistic

What is generally the best choice?

Why should I go for a TPE or Silicone Doll?

Where should I pay my attention to, to make the right choice?

These and more questions, can be found below.

To become aware of the difference between TPE and silicone dolls, we need to explain first the difference between the two materials.

Let’s start with TPE. What is TPE?

TPE is an abbreviation for  thermoplastic elastomer. Sometimes this also called TPR (thermoplastic rubber). TPE is a mix of copolymers.

One of the advantages of TPE is, it is elastic. It returns to its original shape after stretching.

TPE is as a kind of fluid. That make it possible to inject TPE into molds. By this feature it is possible to make various kinds of products.

Most likely we all have TPE products in house, but we do not know that they are made from TPE.

What is silicone?

Silicone, not to be confused with Silicon, which is a Chemical element, is a synthetic polymer made up of silicon, oxygen and other elements, most typically carbon and hydrogen. Silicone is generally a liquid or a flexible, rubberlike plastic, and has several useful properties, such as low toxicity and high heat resistance.
Silicone is widely used in the medical field, it can be found in implants, catheters, contact lenses, bandages and a variety of other things.

Silicone or TPE Doll, what is the best choice?

In the beginning of the ‘ realistic doll era, not so long ago, there were a lot of silicone dolls made. This high-quality material, feels soft and realistic. The biggest drawbacks of silicone are that it is less stretchable and at that time very expensive. The average cost of a realistic dolls was around ten thousand dollars.
Presently, the cost of a Silicone Doll is still higher than a TPE Doll. But fortunately, by the improved technique and the high demand for the product, the cost of silicone is considerably decreased,

The advantages of TPE Sex Doll against a Silicone Sex Doll are:

 • TPE is more flexible than silicone.

• TPE has a much better quality/price ratio.

• TPE dolls are a lot more affordable and offer a very good quality of sexual satisfaction.

• TPE dolls look livelier. Because the material is more flexible, you can handle the body easier to place the doll in a more natural pose. Therefore, the can be placed in more poses than silicone dolls too.

• TPE feels, it’s better and is more squeezable than silicone, it has a normal bounch back.

• TPE feels warmer too and takes the body heat quickly, but cannot endure high temperatures.

The disadvantages of TPE Dolls

Because of the porous feature of some TPE variants it’s possible that stains from, for example wet or new clothing left behind on the Doll. We advise to use as lower layer of underwear on your doll when you are not in need of her.
Cleaning need more attention too.
The quality of TPE can be different, depending on the vendor. Not only the durability can be different, also the flexibility and wall thickness are dependent on how the TPE is mixed.

The benefits of Silicone Dolls

Silicone can endure higher temperature.
Silicone is non-porous and can thereby very well cleaned and sterilized.
Silicone feels soft and skinny.

Disadvantages of Silicone Dolls

Silicone dolls are much more expensive, because the material is a lot more expensive.
Silicone is sticky, you need to coat your doll with baby talk or cornstarch powder.
Silicone feels stiffer and less soft than TPE.

Silicone dolls usually have stiffer breasts and buttocks, Bounching back on your movements is not the same as the more natural behaviour of a TPE doll.
Silicone rips faster, especially to the vagina, mouth and anus, because the material is less flexible.

The above informatiom is just a small summery of Silicone and TPE properties.
For further information contact the manufacturer of the product.