Perfect Body, Beautiful Pregnant 158 cm SEX DOLL

Many man of sound personality, sooner or later in their life, are longed for an adventurous sex experience sex with a beautiful, pregnant youthful sexy girl. In any case, only one out of every odd one of them has had a chance to have their fantasy comes true. Fortunately, you would now be able to have Jessa, a very realistic, life sizes, 5 months pregnant bed mate to make your desires to work out. Despite her pregnancy, she has the body of an 18-year-old young girl, with all its advantages.
You would therefore not expect it, but still she has the sexual experience of a pornstar. She comes with a stainless-steel skeleton to empower you to attempt distinctive styles and positions.

Her Body Sizes

Material: TPE with Stainless Steel Skeleton
Usable parts: Vagina, Mouth and Anus
Vagina/Mouth/Anus depth: 18cm/17cm/13cm
Height: 158cm
Weight: 40kg
Breast: 79cm
Waist: 74cm
Hip: 99cm
Packing Size: 150 x 49 x 33cm

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